SmokeOmeter - Written by a Smoker for Smokers.

The Perfect gift for a friend or loved one who smokes.

Or buy it for yourself as an incentive.

I wrote this software to keep reminding myself of the huge amount of cash I was spending on the evil weed.

The SmokeOmeter is a very simple piece of software that keeps track of how much money a smoker has spent on cigarettes since a certain date*. When the smoker finally does what we all want to do and manages to quit, they just click the "I've given up" button and from then on it will count up how much money they have saved since giving up. It will even allow you to start smoking again, and give up again and again.

Works with Microsoft Windows 98,2000 and XP

Features Include

  • Easy setup, just install and tell it when to start counting from, and how much you spend on cigarettes every day
  • Multi currency - takes your currency from you windows settings
  • One click "I've given up" will start counting how much money you've saved.
  • Installs into your startup folder - pops up each time you start windows to remind you.

    I've managed to give up recently, so I have decided to provide my super software to the world free of charge. If you manage to give up and feel that my software helped you could provide me with a small stipend €7.50, but I'm not counting.

    SmokeOmeter Download (700KB )

    For support send an email to smokeometer at


    *I would suggest you set that date to the day you install it, because if you set it to the day you started smoking you'll get a shock you may never recover from.

    Copyright 2002 Toby Allen